Career Vision Approach

Excellence in Engineering Education from students' perspective is that students learn in the class rooms and on their own by listening, visualising, experimenting, experiencing, and going through practical training. The philosophy of education is to work with the "END IN MIND". Hence the teaching learning process of VNR VJIET is structured as 'Career Vision Approach' - students visualizing the nature of work that they will be involved in after completion of the graduate program and the physical environment around their work. Four years prior to their graduation, during the first week of registration, an Induction program is conducted for the students to provide support for a successful transition and to create a career vision approach. Three years prior to their graduation, students are sent as resident Shadow Engineers to experience the industrial environment. Two years prior to graduation, students have an opportunity to work on projects to feel like Engineers. And finally during the year of graduation, students are trained to cultivate a sense of accomplishment and are introduced to higher studies and careers.