Personality Development

Development of Rounded Personality-Integrating CCA/ECA into student life
Reverberating with the activities of the students are the corridors of VNRVJIET at all times. VJ Integrates Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities into student life to create a "rounded personality".
Measuring Knowledge and Skills Competitiveness through Co-Curricular Activities with Professional
Co-curricular activities conducted by the Departmental Associations, and the Student Chapters of the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE), Computer Society of India(CSI) and Instrumentation Society of India (ISOI) involve and encourage student participation and conduct CONVERGENCE, a National Level Technical Festival.
Extra-Curricular Activities:
Understanding "Inclusive Growth and Corporate Social Responsibility" through NSS.
The National Social Service activities inculcate the spirit of voluntary work among our students and enable them to combine knowledge and action for sustained community development. Students gain awareness about social, environmental and health issues and become sensitive and they in turn amplify the awareness.
Show Casing Creativity and Imagination through Literary and Cultural Activities.
Sharpening the aesthetic sensibilities of VJ Students are, CRESCENDO-the music club, LIVE WIRE-the dance club, STENTORIAN-the orators' club, the Creative arts club and many more such clubs which promote the interests and hobbies of students. Activities and competitions are conducted throughout the year and culminate in SINTILLASHUNZ-a National Level Cultural Festival.
Developing Team Spirit and Winning Habits through Sports .
The state-of-the-art sports facilities in the KVR Sports Complex for indoor and outdoor games stands testimony to VJ's commitment to the physical development of the youth. The indoor basket ball and shuttle courts, the billiards tables and the gym, the outdoor volley ball, basket ball, foot ball and cricket courts are only some of the excellent sports facilities provided by the institute. Student involvement at every level enables them to acquire a variety of skills in the areas of presentation, inter-personal relations, team-building, communication, public relations, resource mobilization, resource monitoring, accounting and event organizing.