Life Skills Program

Finishing School & Life skills Program
Career planning needs a holistic approach to get success. VNR VJIET FINISHING SCHOOL promises a one of its kind experience in a comfortable and secured atmosphere where the budding engineers and fresh graduates will learn the nuances of professional life. It offers a comprehensive course that prepares students for the toughest exams and for life. At VNR VJIET FINISHING SCHOOL the focus remains on enhancing soft skills and technical skills, and sharpening the personal, social and professional domain in order to bridge the gap between education and industry. Its objectives are: (i) Producing quality manpower that nourishes industries and augments the economic growth of the country. (ii)Fulfilling the social responsibility of producing engineers who can contribute towards technological innovations in the areas of health, transportation, and environment.(iii) Improving the quality of human life by instilling confidence, commitment and values.