Systematic Induction

At VJ young aspirants from +2, are systematically inducted into the Institute. Moving among PhD, M. Tech, MBA and senior students and watching the state- of -the -art laboratories, the library and other facilities, they soon realise that learning is much more serious than what they had experienced. The ambience and environment for serious and lofty learning owing to VJ's accelerated evolution into a university, triggers this change of mind-set almost immediately after their admission.
Induction Program
A two-day induction programme is conducted to familiarize the freshers' with the institute facilities and to orient them to academic and industry expectations. After the commencement of class work, 'Career vision sessions' extending over four weeks are included in the regular academic timetable. One hour per day, every week, is scheduled for a) Video presentations on developments in the respective discipline (Eg.TED videos) b) Inspirational lectures on ethics / personality development & out of the box thinking c) Activities for team building & problem solving d) Entrepreneur development, and e) Creating awareness about the institute. Regular feedback is taken to measure the outcome of the sessions. In the Fifth week the same schedule is executed by the students and the impact factor is measured.
Matrixing Program
Junior students are exposed to Multiple projects through this process every semester from 1st year to 4th year so that they can roll-over projects and take them forward during the following year. Many UG students are able to generate publications in reputed journal through this process of 'Matrixing'.