Lab Protocol

VNR Lab Protocol is designed for better understanding of laboratory experiments and their significance in practice of Engineering Profession. The aim of this is to structure and conduct Lab courses with the "Career Vision Approach" and as a continuous process against the common practice of conducting experiments in isolation. Students understand that experiments are components of an "Interconnected whole rather than isolated contingency parts". Lab work is continuously mapped on to the class work and syllabus to enhance the depth of learning. In this process the student will know, "Why is he learning in the class what he is learning ". Lab Protocols "Engage", "involve" and "indulge" the students to make them more imaginative, creative and independent in problem solving through "Design and Planning " of experiments rather than just conducting experiments. " Actively involve" ( not just present ) the students in lab work by making them feel that they are "accomplishing" a major project or task out of their experimentations in the lab and current class room learning.