Domain Industry exposure

The contribution of the Industry and the Academia to each other has always been indispensable. The Institute encourages its faculty, technicians and students to interact with the Industry in all possible ways with the spirit of deriving mutual benefit. Exposing students to the latest Technologies, Practices and Solutions in the industry is an obviously valuable proposition to make them industry-ready from day one of their career. To continue with this innovation and research, a number of new initiatives are implemented every year at VNR VJIET.
The experience and skill set gained in the 2nd year through SHADOW ENGINEERING is enhanced in the 3rd year in their specific domain by exposing them to an Industry/Organization. Five to ten students accompanied by a member of the faculty are hosted in an industry for 5 days to work with an Industry Mentor to experience the real application requirements and process flows to expand the scope of learning beyond their classroom.
These methods benefit the stake holders (students) in understanding and improving the application of the concept. The employers get a continual supply of highly motivated achievers and a talent pool that is eager to learn and perform well on the job. The Institute also gets benefitted through its interaction with the Industry, the Government and other agencies as it receives+ constant feedback on the quality and relevance of its academic programs and course content. It involves the participation of experts from Industry in curriculum development. Students and Employers bring the Institute closer to the entire community. It encourages and stimulates private sector responsibility in providing training opportunities in on-going and also in emerging careers.