Cross Domain Knowledge

About to graduate, nurtured by the value added curriculum, a VJ student is already considered as a knowledgeable and practising professional - very attractive to highly ranked Universities in India and abroad and to reigning corporates. This distinction is further enhanced by exposing the students to cross domain knowledge centres. Broad Band - our student aggregates to a dynamic combination of a Mechanical Engineer and a Robotics Engineer. He/she is not only an Electronics Engineer but also a Wireless Application and Gate Ways Engineer. Without doubt, it is a propensity that other students take years to claim.
A wide spectrum of Cross Domain Knowledge Centres
VJ operates a number of cross domain knowledge centres aiming to expose students to near real work environments. These centres with their built in ability to switch entire technology platforms according to evolving needs, mirror actual industries at VJ campus. ii) Knowledge Groups/ Interest Groups- Access to all students. These Cross Domain Virtual Industry Centres provide an opportunity to faculty and students from various branches of Engineering, Science and Management to converge on a common platform. The distinct advantage for students is that it provides substantial value/lead to their future endeavours. Such students will certainly be preferred and prized recruits for any reputed organisation.